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Case Study: Guide Team to Success through Active Involvement

nCipher was founded by Alex and Nicko Van Someren, two entrepreneurs convinced that with the proliferation of e-commerce, online financial transactions, wireless transactions, and enterprise communications would all require strong security to ensure confidentiality, authentication, access control, data integrity and accountability. nCipher was launched to develop products that enable the provision of these services through cryptographic IT security solutions.

To finance the company's growth, we led two rounds of financing through Newbury Ventures, L.P. and affiliates, and Dr. Hassanein joined the company as Chairman of the Board. The company produced a range of Hardware Security Modules which accelerated encryption calculations, and provided a secure way to manage and store information. nCipher achieved a leadership position in the market, selling to global clients including Microsoft, AT&T, Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, VISA/Mastercard, and the US Department of Defense.

Four years after creation, Dr. Hassanein guided the company to a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange at a market value exceeding £350 million.

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