NextBio was launched in 2004 to become the Google of genomic search. Its big data technology enables users to systematically integrate and interpret public and proprietary molecular data and clinical information from individual patients and model organisms. Its correlation engine pre-computes billions of significant connections between disparate data elements, and accelerates the discovery of new associations between the human genome and disease, enabling the creation of personalized medicines.

Inception, Financing and Growth

We were the sole VC firm backing the Company since inception through acquisition. We supported the start of NextBio alongside Co-Founder, President and CEO, Saeid Akhtari and Shahram Seyedin-Noor, founding CFO, who joined when the Company was a pre-revenue, angel-funded startup and helped raise VC financing to grow the team tenfold. During his tenure, they negotiated and closed over $25 million in transactions with investors, customers and strategic partners such as Merck, Eli Lilly, and Elsevier. NextBio’s database platforms were used by researchers and clinicians in more than 50 commercial and academic institutions, including Abbott, Bristol-Myers, Harvard Medical School, Kyoto University, Merck, NIH, Pfizer and Stanford University. Following his tenure with NextBio, Shahram went on to become a serial entrepreneur focused on innovation in healthcare and biotech. We continued to play an active role in the company throughout their acquisition, facilitated by Illumina CTO, Mostafa Ronaghi.


In 2013, NextBio was acquired by Illumina, a world leading life science tools company, to offer customers enterprise-level bioinformatics solutions, and ultimately, enable the application of those discoveries within healthcare. Today, these genomics tools are being applied across all diseases for the discovery and development of personalized therapies.