Based in Waterloo, Canada, Sandvine is a world leader in network policy control products, allowing some of the world’s largest internet service providers (ISPs) to more efficiently manage their networks, direct traffic, and provide services to their customers.

Company Creation

Sandvine is an interesting success story: the company was founded amid the uncertainty of the dot com bubble burst and the shock of 9/11! Based in Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, the company developed a unique product to help internet service providers (ISPs) understand the nature of the traffic flowing through their networks and set policies that prioritize traffic and eliminate bottlenecks, improving customer satisfaction and growing revenues.


The company raised two rounds of venture funding totaling almost $40 million, most recently in May 2005.

Growth and Exit

The company quickly grew to 40 employees, led by a founding team with prior executive experience and a strong vision for success. With our guidance and support, Sandvine held an IPO on London’s AIM exchange in early 2006, followed by another IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange later that year. Since then, Sandvine has maintained growth and strong global presence. By 2007, it had over 200 customers in 85 countries, $90 million in yearly revenue, and employed more than 400 professionals in locations across the world.