Sentillion is a leading provider of identity and access management technology solutions for caregivers in hospitals and healthcare organizations in North America and the United Kingdom. The company provides solutions for sign-on, user provisioning, clinical workstations, and virtualized remote access, allowing caregivers to navigate and effectively use the myriad of available tools.

Company Creation

Sentillion was born in the Andover, Massachusetts R&D Labs of Hewlett-Packard’s Medical Products Group. Rob Selinger, then the senior software technologist at the medical products group and an 18-year veteran of HP, developed a technology allowing physicians and nurses to sign on only once to access the various health tech tools they use to provide care.

To allow the technology to reach its full potential, we worked with Rob to lead the spin-off and initial financing of Sentillion from HP labs. As members of the Board, we guided the company on business strategy, completing the management team, and managing the company’s growth.

After years of strong progress, we were faced with the global crisis. In 2007 we led a turnaround of the company, including spearheading team reorganization and adjustment of product lines, positioning the company for sustained and profitable growth seen every quarter from Q2 2007 onwards.


Led by a strong management team, Sentillion quickly grew to serve over 9,000 hospitals, touching 60 million patients worldwide and generating a significant sales backlog. The company raised a total of $29.5 million in venture funding and grew to profitability by 2008, employing 110 professionals.


In early 2010, we initiated and negotiated the acquisition of Sentillion by Microsoft, representing Microsoft’s fifth and largest ever acquisition in healthcare. Sentillion greatly expanded Microsoft’s reach with caregivers – at the time of acquisition Sentillion’s footprint was approximately 10x that of Microsoft.

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